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Introducing the Enchanting Aromas of Our 2024 Scented Candle Collection

Immerse yourself in enchanting scents that will elevate your senses and transform your space into a haven of relaxation and ambiance. Explore the magic of our latest creations and ignite your passion for exceptional aromas.


House Warming

Home is where your history begins. this is the warmest gift to wish new homeowners a new beginning and new memories in this wonderful place for your friends, parents, companion, or anybody who moves.


The beautiful glass jar candles sits in a delicate glass jar with embossed hobnails and arrives in stylish gift packaging. A perfect home decor piece or a brilliant gift for any occasion.

Love’s Celebration

From anniversaries to heartfelt declarations of love, our products are designed to celebrate the enduring beauty of love and all the joyous occasions that accompany it.


Each candle comes elegantly packaged, making it thoughtful candle gift for any occasion. A perfect for men and women as holiday gift, christmas gift, birthday gift and so on.

Gifts & Candles

Presented in an elegant & luxurious soft touch gift box that will feel like it is its own present.

Beauty & Wellness

Close your eyes, fall in Love, stay there.

Product Care


Floral Notes

Florals like Orange Blossom made smooth, sweet, and subtly spicy with incense and amber.

Woody Notes

Sandalwood and patchouli are two wood notes that are often used in a fragrance’s base to strengthen the scent’s lifetime. While most wood notes have an earthy quality, some like cedarwood and oud provide a nice sweet scent.

Oriental Notes

With sensual note of vanilla and musk, cinnamon and cardamom the oriental fragrance family consists of rich, exotic, and seductive scents. opulent, sweet, and warm.

Citrus Notes

These fragrances feature prominent citrus notes including bergamot, neroli, lemon, orange, mandarin, tangerine, etc. The citrus family is one of the earliest fragrance families.

Fruit Notes

Fragrances characterized as fruity are centered around prominent notes of berries and other non-citrus fruits. These fragrances tend to be rich and sweet but can also be refreshing and bright. Often paired with floral accords...

We Are A scented Candle Artistry Studio

Founded in 2019, the studios work has been featured in numerous design and lifestyle publication.

Meet The Founder

Creative Director, Sara Esnaashari approached the studios work as a tale of her wanderlust. In love with traveling and exploring the unknown territory, be it a road less traveled in a country or a new adventure in the business world, she has visited more than thirty countries, collecting memories, stories and with it, small unique items that tell the travel stories wherever she goes. With more than a decade experience in luxury retail design and designing concept stores for a wide array of luxury fashion and lifestyle brands from all over the world, she now combines her knowledge and passion, and pushes the boundary in quality, accessibility and design everyday with ESNA HOME.

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