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Find Your Scent

Choosing your favorite scent is a highly personal adventure & sometimes finding a scented candle for yourself can be just as challenging as gifting one. Luckily, with our Fragrance guide and some pro tips to keep in mind while you shop, your perfect scented candle is only a few scrolls away.

Champagne & whipped Cream

This luxurious cozy, sexy, and downright alluring scented candle Features a rich blend of warm and exotic spices, Ginger...

Teakwood & Cognac

This luxurious fragrant candle captures the bittersweet scent of cognac, the woody essence of teakwood & oak

Chestnut & Sandalwood

Perfect for those who long for the great outdoor, this fragrant candle captures the essence of woody sandalwood, amber ...

Mango Mimosa

This luxurious cocktail culture inspired scented candle captures the sunny & refreshing aroma of the mimosa flower.